Search upgrade and interface refresh completed has now been upgraded with a brand new interface design, plus search enhancements.

Apart from the design makeover, we have also made the search more prominent and added a visible sign-in box in the right hand column on all pages.

The main search is now bigger and the logic has been enhanced. Now you can get suggestions on drug names, condition names and drug classes. Selecting a condition/disease name or drug class will take you directly to a medication comparison and ratings page.

Searches are also more relevant by default, but you can also add a wildcard to search within a word if required. (Eg; a search for *azole will find suggestions for any word ending in azole). This is useful for medical transcriptionists and field professionals etc.

These changes might take a little while for regular users to get used to, but we are sure this refresh will improve the experience for the majority of users.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback. Click here to let us know what you think.