Tuesday, April 13th, 2010...7:14 pm

Drugs.com receives another Webby nomination

We are extremely proud to announce that Drugs.com has been nominated for a second prestigious Webby Award. To be judged among the Internet’s top 5 health web sites is indeed an honor.

The Webby People‚Äôs Voice Awards is also one of the few major awards that invite the public to participate by allowing you to vote for your favorite nominee. If you found Drugs.com helpful, we’d really appreciate your vote.

Update: Voting closed.

Thanks for your support!
The Drugs.com Team



  • Avonelle Thompson, RN
    April 19th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    I vote for Drugs.com for the “Webby” award. This site is most helpful, even tho I have a drug book nearby, it is so convenient to just look it up on Drugs.com, than to page through pages and pages of the drug book. And the list is always the most current info.

  • I as well voted for Drugs.com because it is the most useful and supportive way of finding drugs and their facts fast and easy. All you do is type in the drug and all you need to know is right in front of you in seconds! It’s great.

  • I vote for it as well it is more up to date than the latest pdr. I used it all the time even subscribe to new alerts

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