Looking Back at 2013

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect back on healthcare innovations, major drug approvals, and frankly, things that could have possibly gone a tad bit better. From advances in hepatitis C virus treatments, to over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception, the year had lots of positive healthcare hits.

But a few misses were thrown in too – let’s not forget about the doping scandal with Lance Armstrong on Oprah Winfrey’s network, and the government’s faulty Healthcare.gov website that left millions without a way to join Obamacare.

Most important, and most gratifying for many patients, are the new drug approvals made by the FDA in 2013. These new medications open healthcare options for patients that range from increased adherence due to easier dosing regimens, to extending survival time for patients with metastatic cancer, to a viral cure of a liver-robbing disease.

It’s easy for some people to argue that the U.S. healthcare system is flawed. It’s the negative stories that stand out — those are the ones that everyone remembers. But it’s important at the end of the year to remember the successes, too, and be hopeful for more healthcare advances, and fewer healthcare misses, in 2014.

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