Biosimilars in 2015: What Can We Expect?

On Friday, March 6th, 2015 the FDA approved Sandoz’s Zarxio, the first official biosimilar that will be made available in the U.S. Zarxio, a recombinant granulocyte colony-stimulating factor used to boost white blood cells after cancer treatments, is the long-awaited biosimilar for filgrastim (Amgen’s Neupogen). The FDA noted in their briefs that Zarxio was “highly […] and TrialReach to Give Patients Access to Drugs In Development, the leading online clinical drug resource, and TrialReach are partnering to provide patients with information and access to treatments that are still under development. This partnership will bring TrialReach’s patient-centric content and tools directly to the 25+ million people who visit every month. From a patient’s perspective, clinical trials offer more treatment options […]

Looking Back at 2013

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect back on healthcare innovations, major drug approvals, and frankly, things that could have possibly gone a tad bit better. From advances in hepatitis C virus treatments, to over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception, the year had lots of positive healthcare hits. But a few […]

Q3 2013 Drug Sales Data Released: Top Five Drugs Each Post Over $1 Billion in Sales

The latest U.S. drug sales data has been released by Rankings for the top five drugs by sales remain unchanged in the third quarter. Otsuka’s antipsychotic Abilify and AstraZeneca’s Nexium retain their number one and two spots, respectively. Nexium, the top proton pump inhibitor faces sizable over-the-counter competition, a looming Rx-to-OTC switch, and patent […]

Q4 2012 Drug Sales Data Released: Abilify Overtakes Nexium as the Top Drug by Sales

The latest U.S. drug sales data have been released by At the close of 2012, Otsuka’s antipsychotic Abilify overtakes AstraZeneca’s acid reducer Nexium and moves into the number one spot with over $1.47 billion in quarterly sales. Sales expanded for all five front-runners over the quarter, although none reached double-digit growth. There are no […]

Transparency in Clinical Trials: A New Paradigm Shift?

The British Medical Journal (BMJ), a leading, peer-reviewed medical journal, has announced that beginning in January 2013 it will require all authors of drug or device clinical trials who publish in BMJ – whether industry-funded or not – to provide detailed scientific study data to anyone with a reasonable request. Although the policy specifics are […]

Bristol-Myers Squibb Acquisition Results in $1.8 Billion Loss

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) has announced that they will discontinue all development of their chronic hepatitis C (HCV) treatment BMS-986094, a nucleotide polymerase (NS5B) inhibitor previously in Phase 2 clinical trials. BMS reports that nine study patients were hospitalized with heart and kidney toxicity, with one patient death due to heart failure. The exact cause of […]

Q2 2012 Drug Sales Data Released: Loss of Patent Protection Has Significant Effect

The latest U.S. drug sales data has been released by Proton-pump inhibitors, antipsychotics, asthma therapeutics and statins remain the top selling categories. Plavix and Seroquel dipped in the second quarter due to loss of patent protection. Other top brands such as Singulair, Actos and Diovan are also due to be impacted by year’s end. […]

New Stats Center Shows Top 100 U.S. Drug Sales Data

We are pleased to announce our new interactive stats center featuring quarterly sales data for the top 100 prescribed medicines by U.S. National Sales. Users can view charts showing the sales and unit data for the top 5 drugs plus granular data for the top 100, with graphs and links to other useful resources. This […]